Komser Şekspir

Komser Sekspir (2000) Comedy, Drama | 113min | 2000 (Turkey) 5.8
Director: Sinan ÇetinWriter: Mesut CeylanStars: Müjde Ar, Vahdet Çakar, Okan BayülgenSummary: After fainting in a school rehearsal, little Su is diagnosed with leukemia. As a result she is forced to give up the Snow White role she wanted so badly. Police Chief Cemil decides to stage the production of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves at his oppressive police station. He hopes to win a TV competition in order to save his dying daughter . The directorial duties are assumed by drug dealer Tatu who claims to have been a star in his youth. Prince Charming is played by a drug addict, homeless kids play the dwarfs, and a hooker plays the Queen. As the rehearsals go on at the police station, Cemil tries to hide the hostile environment of the police station from her daughter causing a series of tragicomic events like the arrival of U.N. delegates who mistake the rehearsal for a rehabilitation program. Written by Anonymous


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Countries: TurkeyLanguages: Turkish